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Individuals or organisations wishing to embrace high standards of training can display their commitment through membership of the International Curriculum and Assessment Network.

There is an increasing expectation for professionals to undertake Continuing Professional Development regardless of industry sector, career level, job role and responsibilities. In the age of mass information and social media, every sector is the most competitive it has ever been. Being part of the ICAN membership will show potential employees, students or clients that you take their development and wellbeing very seriously. ICAN helps individuals and organisations to keep up to date with the current changes in the EU and UK qualification frameworks. So go the extra mile for you and those you manage today by becoming a member with ICAN.

First Time Membership
  • Publish news in the monthly ICAN newsletter

  • Participate in our events at a discounted rate

  • Use of ICAN logo as reference on your websites, blogs, brochures, electronic correspondence etc.

  • Support for career development

Additionally, with your Organisational membership, you will also benefit from:

  • Being able to register up to 5 of your employees, students or clients for free of charge

  • We will review and advise your organisational CPD requirements (upon request) 

  • Access to membership directory



Join ICAN to become part of a dynamically developing community of experts and practitioners of education. Whether you have an individual or institutional membership, you have access to the following services:


For each category of membership, in which the applicant is qualified to apply for, the appropriate post-nominal letters can be used as a mark of distinction of your expertise.

Girl Using Laptop


£50 per year

You are entitled to use the post‐nominal letters AICAN.

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£100 per year

If you have a degree (Level 6) or postgraduate certificate (Level 7) in education with 5 years of teaching 

and assessment experience.

For those who have Level 4 and 5 qualifications in teaching/training must have 10 years teaching and assessment experience to qualify for full membership. You are entitled to use the post‐nominal letters MICAN. 

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£150 per year

You must fulfil all the criteria outlined in the Full membership section, plus have a full masters and/or PhD in Education and have significantly contributed to the field of education within your chosen vocational area. 

You are entitled to use the post‐nominal letters FICAN.

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£300 per year

Any type of organisation can become a ICAN member.

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