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The International Guild for Hypnotherapy, NLP, and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers (IGH3P™) is the regulatory body for the International Curriculum and Assessment Network. IGH3P regulates the activities of International Curriculum and Assessment Network, which are as follows: 

  • Qualification Accreditation

  • Qualification Endorsement 

  • Curriculum Development

  • CPD course development and Professional Development activities

  • industrial Awards Development

  • Awarding membership to Educational Professionals

  • Benchmarking International Qualifications to reflect UK Standards

The International Curriculum and Assessment Network (ICAN) is the Quality Assurance body for the Academy for International Science and Research (AISR). ICAN has been setup for the accreditation of courses and training programmes and CPD certification. This accreditation service is for those institutions who need international accreditation to offer AISR programmes and to ensure that their academic and training programmes are recognised as being to the required standard and also for providing certification services.

Accreditation recognises independent, bespoke courses and training programmes developed by companies, institutions and/or centres in order to meet their employees, students and clients needs and requirements.


Many businesses develop their own specialised training programmes in order to meet their business needs and to provide specialist industry skills for employee or student progression. 


Formal recognition of the new skills, knowledge and competence learned is a must when it comes to courses and training programmes. Certificates are a valued source of credibility and you can award your students and employees with our Certificates.

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ICAN aims to implement vigorous quality assurance systems in its accreditation processes and also:

  • To assist students, employees and clients in developing and recognising both their skills and their achievements.

  • To offer qualifications which are recognised and accepted globally for employment, academic progression and CPD

  • To carry out regular research and development activities to identify the changing needs of employers and academia

  • To attain recognition by professional bodies worldwide

  • To support institutions and governments in the implementation of new programs of study and in developing strategies for curriculum development

  • To provide consultancy to industry, commerce and governments in order to identify training and educational needs


ICAN is currently seeking ISO 9001:2015 Certified. ICAN's Accreditation and Quality Assurance Officers have a vast experience in international education experience. We believe that partnership is key to achieving excellence in any field, be it business, education or sport. Therefore, ICAN will provide help for our centres wishing to establish national or international partnerships through our broad range of educational contacts. The ICAN Programme Accreditation system offers centres the opportunity to have their own in-house qualifications formally accredited and certificated by ICAN, which can provide a globally recognised accreditation for specialised and independent courses and training programmes. 

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